Impairment Screening With A Modern Take

Guard-Ex gives you the ability to monitor impairment caused by more than just alcohol. 

4 Canadian Lives Are Taken Each Day Due To Impaired Driving

Our organization is striving to regulate impaired driving accurately and effectively whether the impairment source may be from mono/poly drug use, alcohol, cognitive disfunction, fatigue, etc. Eventually, we will work towards fostering an inclined safety standard when an individual decides to get behind the wheel.

Simultaneously we are also working to eliminate false positives/negatives and easy loopholes which have led our economy to a billion-dollar deficit annually (and that’s without the legalization of Cannabis). 

GX-420 Impairment Screening Device

A universal impairment screening device, that can screen for any type of impairment without the risk of human bias. This device will accurately measure changes in an individual’s physiological signs in a time-efficient manner which are scientifically correlated with impairment.

These are the same tests that are being conducted now by specially trained individuals.

The GX-420 will be simple to use – mimicking the physiological tests without the risk factors and without any extensive training.

Universal Impairment Screening Device

With the use of machine learning, the GX-420 will analyze the patterns of an individual’s physiological signs to accurately screen impairment in the given moment. The GX-420 will be able to screen impairment from mono and polydrug use, quite importantly; Cannabis, Cocaine & Opiates. 


Accommodating the changing legislative landscape



Drug Use

Screening mono and poly drug use


Innovating beyond the breathalyzer


First device to combat fatigued drivers

Universal + Bias Free

The device screens for impairment of any substance as well as combinations of substances – mono or poly-drug usage requiring very minimal human interaction when conducting the tests.

Current devices today measure for consumption, the amount of a substance in a person’s body, be that alcohol or THC. Consumption as a whole does not directly correlate with impairment because each individual metabolizes substances at different rates. Someone with a low tolerance can be impaired, but blow below the consumption levels of .08 alcohol content or 5 ng of THC per ml of blood. 

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